2017 Organizational Meeting


The 2017 Organization Meeting of the Charleston Town Board was held January 4, 2017 at 7:30 pm. Following a salute to the flag, the meeting was opened with a moment of silence. Upon roll call present were Councilperson Ferguson, Orzolek, McMullen and Supervisor Sullivan. Councilperson Bivins was absent.


Supervisor Sullivan presents the following resolutions to the Board members.


RES: 1-2017 Resolution for the 2017 Operating Year

McMullen/Orzolek    (4-0)


RES: 2-2017 Resolution for the 2017 Operating Year

Orzolek/McMullen (4-0)


RES: 3-2017 Resolution for the 2017 Operating Year



RES: 4-2017 Resolution to Appoint liaisons to Youth, Seniors, Agriculture and Fire Depts.



RES: 5-2017 Resolution 2017 Contract with Ayers Shelter

Orzolek/McMullen (4-0)


RES; 6-2017 Resolution to Adopt a Workplace Violence Policy, Code of Ethics Policy, procurement policies and Procedure and Use of Social Media Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy

McMullen/Super. Sullivan(4-0)


RES; 7-2017Resolution to Pay Certain Postage and Utility Bills (National Grid and Frontier) with Proper

Approval before Warrant

McMullen/Orzolek  (4-0)


RES: 8-2017 Resolution to pay Certain Credit Card Bills and Justice Bills with Proper Approval before


Orzolek/Ferguson  (4-0)


RES.9-2017 Resolution for the 2017 Operating Year

McMullen/Orzolek (4-0)


RES:10-2017 RESOLUTION for Employees Standard Work Day

McMullen/Orzolek  (4-0)


RES;11-2017 RESOLUTION for Reporting of Employees Standard Work Day

Orzolek/Ferguson (4-0)


RES:12-2017 RESOLUTION to Pay Chips Bills with Approval of Town Supervisor Prior to Formal Warrant



RES:13-2017 RESOLUTION TO Accept a Credit Card Policy and Investment Policy

Orzolek/Ferguson (4-0)


Motion was made by Councilman Orzolek to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 pm. Seconded by Councilman McMullen. Meeting was than adjourned.




SIGNED __________________


SUPERVISOR__________________________         COUNCILMAN __________________


COUNCILMAN________________________           COUNCILMAN___________________















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