June Board Meeting Minutes



The regular monthly meeting of the Charleston Town Board was held June 21,2017 at 7:30p.m. Following a salute to the flag, the meeting was opened with a prayer offered by Pastor Popp. Roll call was held. Present were Councilperson Ferguson, Orzolek, Bivins, McMullen and Supervisor Sullivan.


Residents present were Pastor Popp, Cliff Dorrough Code officer,Tim Sutton, Dewey and Arlene Bell, David Weiner, Virgil and Betty Rose, Robert Harris Assessor and Jon Benelli.


Public –






Dog Control Office- report on file 6/17

Building Code Office –report on file 6/17

Highway – report on file 6/17

Supervisor –

Planning Board –


Communication -Craig Bell- reducing the speed limit on Corbin Hill Road


A motion was made by Councilperson Orzolek to accept minutes of regular monthly meeting May 17,2017, as written. This motion was seconded by Supervisor Sullivan. Duly adopted upon roll call, all members voting aye. (5-0)


Old Business

  • Justice Court Security System –
  • Gradall is done
  • Asbestos- no asbestos in the building


New Business

  • Speed limit reduction for Cobin Hill Road
  • Youth Event on July 11,.2017 at the Annex Building
  • Lightning Damage -phone, air condition, justice security
  • John Deere Loader
  • Thomas Burbine


Bills paid before meeting:

Frontier           $344.75

National Grid   $352.84



Res: 35-2017 Resolution  Supporting the Development of a Consolidated Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance and

Repair Facility         McMullen/Bivins  (5-0)


Res: 36-2017 Resolution  Supporting the Modernization  of Property Assessment  Practices within Montgomery

County and its Constituent Municipalities  McMullen/Bivins   (5-0)


RES:37-2017 Resolution Supporting the Municipal  Consolidation Efficiency Plan as Submitted By Montgomery

County ans its Constituent Municipalities    Bivins/McMullen (5-0)


RES:38-2017 Resolution Supporting the Creation of a Modern Joint Court Facility in the Former Beech-Nut Plant

and Expressing the Desire to Participate in the Project   Bivins /McMullen (5-0)


RES:39-2017 Resolution Supporting the Enhancement of Municipal and Cop8nty it Capacity and the

Implementation of Electronic Records Management Systems    Orzolek/Ferguson  (5-0)


RES; 40-2017 Resolution to Accept Moving Contract with Montgomery County   Orzolek/Ferguson (5-0)


RES: 41-2017 Resolution to Amend Budget Line and Make Appropriate Transfer

to Operating Budget in General Fund       Orzolek/McMullen (5-0)


RES: 42-2017 Resolution to Purchase a John Deere 544K Loader

Bivins/McMullen (5-0)


RES;43-2017 Resolution to Reducing the Speed Limit on Corbin Hill Road

Supervisor Sullivan/McMullen (5-0)
















VOUCHER                    AMOUNT

General                     20 bills                          $ 7,929.93

Highway                   22 bills                        $ 28,032.22


RES ;44-2017

By  Councilperson McMullen Seconded by Councilperson Bivins

Resolution to Pay Monthly Bills:



















WHEREAS; all vouchers have been audited by town board and found to be proper claim,

BE IT NOW RESOLVED; that the supervisor is authorized to pay claims as presented. Duly adopted upon roll call, all members voting aye. (5-0)


Motion was made by Councilperson Bivins to adjourn the meeting. This motion was seconded by Councilperson McMullen the meeting was then adjourned. (5-0)





SUPERVISOR __________________________


COUNCILPERSON______________________                  COUNCILPERSON______________________


COUNCILPERSON ______________________                 COUNCILPERSON______________________

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