Parts of Charleston were in Corry’s Patent (1637), Stone Heap Patent (1770), and Thomas Machin’s Patent (1787). Settlers began arriving before the American Revolution.

The Town of Charleston was formed by a division of the original “Town of Mohawk” in 1793. This division, which also created the Town of Florida, terminated Mohawk as a town until another town with that name (Mohawk) was created in 1837. Charleston was reduced in size in 1823, when the Towns of Glen and Root (in part) were established.

Charleston Historical Society

Charleston Historical Society

Charleston Historical Society

The Charleston Historical Society was founded in 1978 by Edythe J. Meserand and is located in the old Baptist Church on Polin Road, just off State Rt 30A.

The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

For further information on the history of Charleston and the Charleston Historical Society contact Lorraine Whiting, Town of Charleston Historian, at 518-922-5867.


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